Senior army officer in Taiz survives assassination: Press Summary

Senior army officer in Taiz survives assassination: Press Summary

  1. The Yemeni army's commander of Al-Aqroodh warfront in Taiz Mohammed Al-Ayd survived an assassination attempt by an explosive planted in his car. One of his escorts was killed and others were wounded. This is the second crime of kind after the assassination of Islah party senior member and prisoner exchange negotiator with Houthis Dhiya Al-Haq last week/Multiple websites
  3. The army launches an offensive on Houthi militants' sites in Taiz/Saba Net website
  5. Internet is back in Yemen's eastern governorates including Marib after 30-hour outage/Multiple websites
  7. A government official (advisor of Aljawf governorate) says Yemen has the bravest army but the meanest government leaders in the whole history of humankind/Bawabati
  9. UAE forces evacuate Al-Alam military camp and prepare to evacuate the Balhaf gas facility within hours, the advisor of Shabwa governor has said/Almashehad Alyemeni website
  11. Currency collapse and exorbitant prices inflame the ember of starvation in Yemen/Hadharem Net
  13. Five European ambassadors arrive in Aden/Alharf
  15. Yemen's Information Minister says disarming Houthis and halting the smuggling of Iranian arms to them is the first step to peace/Alsahwa Net



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