'Unmanned drones: Iran's favorite weapon to Houthis': Press Summary

'Unmanned drones: Iran's favorite weapon to Houthis': Press Summary


  1. Unmanned drones: Iran's favorite weapon to Houthis / Alsahel Akgharbi website
  3. Three Yemeni civilians including two children were killed by Houthi-laid landmine in Hodeidah on Tuesday, sources said.

Tareq Maghlasi 17, Hamoud Ayyash 12 and Jumaee Zaher 60 were killed when the motorbike the three were riding hit a landmine in al-Durayhimi south of the Red Sea province of Hodeidah/Multiple websites.


  1. Yemen army spokesman denies Houthi rumours of control of Aljuba district in Marib/Saba
  3. Houthi warlords confiscates 40 historical buildings in Old Sana'a/Al-Rashad Press
  4. Syrian intelligence officers arrive in Sana'a to provide Houthis with the Bashar Al-Assad regime's expertise/Voice of Yemen
  5. A Houthi school headmaster in Ibb sacks a number of students who did not attend the 'Prophet's Birthday' labeling them as 'infidels'.

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