Yemen's army takes over key positions in Saadah

Yemen's army takes over key positions in Saadah

Forces of the Yemeni army managed to took over key positions in the governorate of Saadah, leaving scores of the Houthi rebels killed and captured.

Governor of Saadah Hadi Tarsh affirmed that the Yemeni army dominated the area of Mandbah and and Alib.

The Yemeni army raided a Houthi camp and managed to kill and wound scores of the rebels during the few past days.

Meanwhile, twelve Houthi fighters were killed as they tried to infiltrate into al-Solow district of Taiz governorate.

Meanwhile, Yemen's army took over Sunday a strategic area in Nehim in the west of Sana'a, military sources affirmed.

The army and resistances' forces entirely dominated the area of Tabat al-Qanaseen which was considered among the most important positions of the militias.

Military sources said that the takeover of Tababt al-Qanaseen will transfer the confrontations with militias of the Houthis and Saleh to Arhab district which overlooks Sana'a Airport.

The army managed to capture large numbers of the militias while others escaped to Arhab, the sources added.






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