Houthi-Saleh Militias kill three children in Taiz

Houthi-Saleh Militias kill three children in Taiz

March 29, 2017- Houthi-Saleh Militias on Wednesday killed three children and wounded four others as they indiscriminately bombed a populated neighborhoods close to the Military Hospital in the city of Taiz.

Houthi-Saleh Militias have been bombing the city of Taiz, leaving thousands of civilains killed and wounded.

The Houthi-Saleh Militias have prevented Under-Secretary-General and Emergency Relief Coordinator Stephen O'Brien on Saturday from visiting the city of Taiz to see the humanitarian situation there.

Meanwhile, Governor of Taiz on Monday held a meeting with O'Brien in Aden and discussed the possibility of providing relief and humanitarian assistances to the people of Taiz.

Al-Mamari stressed that Taiz is witnessing a dire situation due to the siege imposed by militias of the Houthis and Saleh for more than a year.

Al-Mamari called O'Brien to immediately visit the city and provided him with a report about the deteriorating humanitarian situation caused by the war.

Meanwhile, militias of the Houthis prevented last week a senior United Nation official from entering the capital Sana'a, a source of Sana'a Airport told Alsahwah Net.

According to the source, the representative of the National Security run by the Houthis prevented the Assistant Envoy of the United Nations from entering the halls of Sana'a Airport after his airplane landed at the airport.

The UN official had a permission from Yemen Foreign Minister to visit Sana'a and know the visions of the Houthis and Saleh regarding peace seeking.

Some aides of ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh criticized this Houthi behavior and others praised it and depicted the UN official as an agent 

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