Three children killed by Houthi rocket in Marib: Press Summary

Three children killed by Houthi rocket in Marib: Press Summary

  1. Three children have been killed by a Houthi unexploded ordnance in Harib district, south of Marib, the Yemeni Observatory on Landmines said on Saturday./Multiple websites
  3. The mine action program MASAM says it has already removed 5600 Houthi-laid landmines since the start of this February./Alharf 28.
  5. A woman was killed and her sister was injured in Houthi shelling in western Yemen's Hodeidah governorate on Saturday. The Houthi militia shelled Bani Al-Hashash villages in Hays district of Hodeidah killing Zaynab Ahmed Hashash and wounding her sister Hane'a./Voice of Freedom website
  7. Haradh battle will have dire consequences if the army does not get support/Aden Alghad
  9. Heavy explosions were heard in Sana'a on Friday a black fuel market owned by a Houthi warlord catches fire/Multiple websites
  11. Massive crowds celebrate the 11 February Revolution in Taiz and Marib/Multiple websites
  13. Dare remember the 21 September Disaster if you are real men/Almashehad Alyemeni
  15. Military conquest and disarming Houthis is the first step toward a sustainable peace in Yemen, says Yemeni female writer Sharifa Almaqtari/Aden Alghad
  17. Houthi militia blew up a school in Yemen's western Aljarrahi region in Hodeidah on Saturday/Almashehad Alkhaleeji
  19. A field of anti-tank landmines has been dismantled in Osaylan district of [eastern Yemen's] Shabwa which had just been liberated from Houthi militants/Almanarah Net
  21. Military journalist unveils international pressures are being exercised on the government forces to withdraw from Haradh town/Newsline.
  22. The government acknowledges a limited retreat in Haradh/Bawabati
  24. Internet is back in Yemen's four eastern governorates (Hadhramout, Shabwa, Marib, and Aljawf)after 14-hour –long outage due to a sabotage attack on optical fibres in Hadhramout on Tuesday. This outage was the second of kind in a week/Marib Press.

  25. The party dishonoring the Riyadh Agreement and keeping Aden a battlefield for rogue militias want to escape their crisis by expanding the Aden chaos to Hadhramout. We tell them, "No way. Hadhramis are better informed and united people and will fail your conspiracy because they see the bad model that Aden sets."/Salah Batis on Facebook

  • Gathered and translated by Abdullah Abu Al-Hassan



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