Houthi captives: We received training by Iranian experts

Houthi captives: We received training by Iranian experts

Two Houthi fighter, who were captured by the National Army, admitted that they received training by Iranian and Lebanese experts.

Meanwhile, a high-ranking Yemeni commander has revealed that Iranian and Hezbollah experts are helping the Houthis in operating drones and providing the Houthis with military consultations.

Brig. Gen. Omar Jawahar told the Saudi-based Okaz newspaper that Houthi captives admitted that the Houthis have unmanned planes and that Iranian experts help them in developing them.

Jawahar told Okaz that the National Army backed by forces of the Arab Coalition will liberate Yemen's western coasts, indicating that military operations will be launched soon.

He further said that dozens of Houthis were killed and captured during the past 24 hours in Haradh and Midi, pointing out that a number of drones which were used in spying were destroyed.


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