Government forces repel Houthi attack in Taiz: Press Summary

Government forces repel Houthi attack in Taiz: Press Summary


  1. Government forces thwarted a new Houthi infiltration attempt in Moneef mountain pass in the east of Taiz city last night/Multiple websites.
  2. The UN mission in Hodeidah is accused of misleading the international community/Ayn Almahrah website
  3. Unknown gunmen assassinated Abdu-Razzak Albakma the commander of the Happy Yemen Brigades in Marib, an Arab coalition linked force, in an ambush in a Marib city outskirt last night./Multiple websites

  4. The Yemen Congregation for Reform (the Islah) party condemns the assassination of Albakma and the terror operations that targeted pro-government forces in Abyan and Shabwa in the past couple of days/Alsahwa Net
  5. The Yemeni government says the country's wheat reserves will deplete in mid-July/Multiple websites
  6. Public protests are taking place in Aden over the shortage of services including power supply during this sweltering summer /Multiple websites.
  7. With the Yemeni telecommunications system controlled by Houthis in Sana'a, unknown phone calls harass the sister of assassinated journalist Saber Al-Haydari: The Union of Yemeni Journalists says female journalist Nabiha Al-Haydari has received harassment calls from unknown numbers that the Union keeps a record of. The harassment calls come at a time when the burial ceremony of her brother Saber Al-Haydari (also a journalist) is being declared. Her brother was assassinated by a bomb in Aden last week./Alsahel Algharbi

  8. Houthi militants assault a women protest over their participation in a demonstration against the shortageof cooking gas, a crisis made up by the militia controlling the [central Yemen] province/(website of) The Arab Network for News.



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