'We will call you 'Al-Qaeda' and kill you by Al-Qaeda'

'We will call you 'Al-Qaeda' and kill you by Al-Qaeda'

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  1. Yemen is vast and controlled largely by rebel militias. Of all that large territory, the government has only a few pockets. In the past couple of days, Al-Qaeda terrorists chose to strike government forces in Shabwa, Abyan and Marib! At the same time western movies as Deutsche Welle's latest portray the government forces as terrorist factions, calling them Al-Qaeda. So the latest terror operations and movies bear a message from the we.s.tern conspirators: We have the powerful hand and powerful media machine: We will call you 'Al-Qaeda' and kill you via our proxy 'Al-Qaeda'! /Facebook Post by Fahem Lakom Tamam.
  2. Intensify assassinations in Taiz, Abyan, Shabwa and Marib. Against military and civilian symbols. The Shia terrorists and their collaborators have most of the country's territory. The government has only sporadic pockets. Yet, the int*erna.tio.nal and re/gional conspirators see those pockets as too much./FB post by Saeed Ali

  3. Persistent, #tireless western pressures have made the government 1- unable to take back territories from Houthis, 2- next, quit the dream and slogan of liberating the country from Houthi control and 3- finally beg the Houthis to lift the Houthi siege on the government's remaining pockets of control! This is how the wes.ter.n cons.piracy worked. Little by little over the years. Graduality was the key! /Tweet by Hafedh Abu Dhakirah Qawiya.
  4. The #STC _ is strangling_Aden/ A social media campaign protesting the militia's policy of causing deterioration of living conditions and collapse of the rial currency in the city.


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