Qahtan.. Yemeni veteran politician disappeared for two years

Qahtan.. Yemeni veteran politician disappeared for two years

Mohammed Qahtan, a veteran politician and high-ranking leader of the Islah party, has been being disappeared for two years and is among the most prominent detained prisoners by militias of the Houthis and ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Al-Arabi al-Jadeed newspaper issued a report about Qahtan, depecting him as the architect of the pioneer of the political work, moderation and coordination among political parties, particularly amid the Joint Meeting Parties alliance.

The newspaper cited that Qahtan was frank and strongly worked to civilize the political life in Yemen.

Qahatan also worked as a spokesman of the Islah party and the Joint Meeting Parties and his controversial and ridiculous remarks had headlines in all newspapers and other media outlets, the newspaper added.  

On February 24, 2015, he was intercepted and arrested while he heaading to Aden. He was taken again to Sana'a and put under arrest house. He also took part in all talks in Sana'a under the auspice of the former UN Envoy to Yemen Jamal Bin Omar. On April 05, 2015, he was detained and disappeared.

Two years have passed since Mohammed Qahtan, the architect of the peaceful coexistence in Yemen, was enforcedly disappeared. His story is totally different as no information is available about Qahtan. It starts when he was taken by Houthi-Saleh militias from his house before two years.

Grandsons of Qahtan have never forgotten him, and they always stare at his photos and whisper in his name. They remember his steps, playing with them, and innocently wonder: Why our grandmother was abducted?

In an interview with Alsahwa Net, his daughter Fatimah remember in sorrow her father, pointing out that the life of their family has become filled with sadness and desperation and that the family no longer feels safe when the head of the family (Mohammed Qahtan) is still disappeared.

She spoke about his behaviors and how he politely dealt with every member of the family and all other people, pointing out that he used the dialogue even with children.

"Our father did not force anyone of our family members to do something or abandon any things, " Fatima added.

"Why do they (the Houthi-Saleh militias) bear a grudge against my father? Is it because people love him or because he opposed and stood against the oppression dictatorship," she added.

"Two years has passed since my father was enforcedly disappeared.. it is enough, what will you benefit of his disappearance? She went on.

She wondered why the militias deprive the family of Qahtan from their father, asserting that their life turned to be absolutely sad and painful.

"I feel that he is still alive, but I need to see him and reassure about his health" she added.  



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