Thirteen brigades prepared to liberate Hodiedah

Thirteen brigades prepared to liberate Hodiedah

Yemeni military sources have said that military operation to liberate Hodeidah will start soon in order to ensure the delivery of relief and humanitarian assistances to all people of the governorate and surrounding governorates.

The source affirmed that plans are made, asserting that 13 brigades backed by the Saudi-led Arab Coalition will engage in fighting.

Spokesman of the Arab Coalition Ahmed Asiri has criticized the insistence of the UN to keep Hodeidah Port under the control of the Houthi-Saleh militias.

He called the United Nations to stand to the side of the Yemeni people, not to the side of the Houthi-Saleh militias.

Asiri previously said that the rejection of the United Nations to supervise Hodeidah Port left no option but to liberate the port.

Asiri told media outlets on Friday that the Arab Coalition will carry out military operation to restore Hodeidah Port which is currently run by the Houthis.

Asiri said that the Arab Coalition is preparing Mocha Port to receive relief and humanitarian assistance and to be as an alternative of Hodeidah port.

Meanwhile, Yemen Ambassador to the United Nations Khalid al-Yamani has said that the UN rejection to send supervisors to Hudeidah Port is clear-cut disregard of the International law.

In remarks to al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper, Al-Yamani expressed sorrow as the United Nations has not shouldered its responsibility in Yemen.

He said that the Yemeni government provided evidences that humanitarian assistance brought to Hodeidah are exploited by militias of the Houthis and Saleh and are not given to Yemenis.

He spelt out that the militias use Hodeidah Port for their war operations and the smuggle of weapons.

Minister of the Public Administration has said that militias of the Houthis and Saleh use Hodeidah port as a hub for smuggling weapons.

He said that the Arab Coalition called to the United Nations to supervise Hodeidah port because it takes care for humanitarian situation of Yemenis.

He called local and international organizations to oversee Hodeidah port, stressing that the government are more interested than any other one to tackle troubles of civilians in all Yemeni governorates.

The Arab coalition said in a statement on Sunday that it was not responsible for the attack on the refugee boat in the area of Hodeida and called for the port to be "placed immediately under United Nations supervision."


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