Houthis continue prosecuting 36 abductees

Houthis continue prosecuting 36 abductees

The Specialized Penal Court run by Houthi-Saleh militias on Sunday continued prosecuting 36 abductees.

The lawyers of the defense said they withdrew from the court after a member of the defense Esam al-Radwani was assaulted after he was threatened by the prosecution and some people existing in the court.

The Houthi-affiliated court has been holding sessions since last April 8 for 36 detained opponents of the Houthi-Saleh coup in Sana’a, amongst them are academicians, with charges of “supporting the enemy” (the Saudi-led Arab Coalition

During the court sessions, the prosecutors loyal to the Houthi recommended the harshest penalties for the 36 detainees, some of the penalties expected to include more death sentences. The 36 persons are being arbitrarily detained for more than two years, and being subjected to physical torture.


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