On the UN envoy and the new truce

On the UN envoy and the new truce

By Ahmed Othman

Alsahwa Net

Houthis like it this way. They have not kept up their end of the previous bargain and now they demand new concessions in a new truce bargain.

There are roses and a UN envoy in their road. There is an excessive leniency from the party that represents the "government" and thinks negotiations are all about taking personal photos and nodding heads in agreement.  

Whenever the Houthis refuse adherences and show intransigence, the UN envoy reverts to the bashful negotiating side to extract concessions and more concessions (the government's side).

The UN envoy on his part is indifferent to the Yemeni issue and all he wants is to secure truces, no matter how unfair, with a view to adding up more credit in his financial and professional accomplishments (as in his CV).

The UN envoy has become more like a correspondent or a postman with Houthis, exercising pressures only on the government's side.

The problem is worse with those who never say no to him.

Now the envoy has come back from a meeting, lunch and Qat sessions with the Houthi militia in Sana'a with the same expansionist Houthi demands in his hands to convey them to the government: Houthis want the government to pay salaries in their areas of control without them depositing the Hodeidah seaport revenues in the Salaries Account at Hodeidah's central bank branch. He is also conveying the Houthi message that the militia want Sana'a Airport fully opened and without the militia opening the besieged roads of Taiz.

You see?

More and more gains for Houthis without Houthis lifting the Taiz siege or depositing revenues, even though these are the same concessions Houthis are asked to offer in every deal!


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