IJU condemns death sentence against Yemeni Journalist

IJU condemns death sentence against Yemeni Journalist

The International Jurists Union (IJU) has condemned the death sentence issued against Yahya Abdul-Raqeeb al-Jubaihi, pointing that the verdict violates the right to freedom of information guaranteed in the International Convention for Civil and Political Rights.

" It also violates his rights to perform his job as a civilian journalist in breach of universal legal norms," IJU said in a statement.

" The allegations that the judiciary of militia forces, who claims to govern Yemen approximately for two years, is illegitimate and does not fulfil justice as it should has won serious credibility after this so-called tribunal."

It affirmed that neither the defendant nor his lawyer were allowed to use their right to defense, and the death penalty was ordered just at the second hearing.

The union further expressed concern that the 36 innocent civilians who were kidnapped and held in prison by Houthi Militias will be judged before the same tribunal and will be sentenced to death as well.

It also called the UN and international organizations to intervene in order to stop the implementation of these iniquitous executions and to take the necessary actions to ensure the release of all innocent civilians.


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