Yemeni Congregation for Reform and National Constants... Struggle under the banner of common denominators

Yemeni Congregation for Reform and National Constants... Struggle under the banner of common denominators

.The political performance of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah) party stems from its adherence to the national constants as the safety valve for Yemen with its various stakeholders, just as the national constants are the common denominator among all interest groups of the Yemeni people, and they are the references upon which everyone relies in their struggle to restore the state and eliminate the coup of the terrorist Houthi militia, which does not It recognizes these constants, and sees them as a condemnation of them, and as a motivator to struggle against them as a dark militia coming from a time of ignorance and superstition.

Among the most important national constants that are the safety valve for Yemen and enjoy consensus: national unity, the republic, the modern civil state, democracy, political pluralism, the peaceful transfer of power, and other constants that demarcate the boundaries between the national components on the one hand and the terrorist Houthi militia on the other.

The Islah Party's keenness on national constants and awareness of their importance as a vessel for national solidarity to face the various challenges that threaten Yemen comes from its sense of the danger of abandoning it and the consequent serious repercussions for the country, especially since there are parties willing to abandon these constants for the sake of gaining power, but rather
the Houthi militia is working to demolish these constants to replace them with the foundations of racist political sectarianism, and it sees national constants in general as an existential threat to it.

The Islah and consecration of the national constants

The one who contemplates the political performance of the Yemeni Islah Party, whether in peace or war, will notice that it works to perpetuate national constants and spread awareness of their importance, as they are the foundations upon which the state rests, the valve for homeland security, and the main references for equal citizenship, and the situation of any country cannot be straightened without foundations and references.

 For it, they represent sacred constants around which all its members unite, as they are the basis that regulates the relationship between its components, and mobilizes them towards work, construction, serving the country, and standing together against the dangers that threaten it.

The national constants gain their importance from being foundations, principles and values above the constitution, because the constitution can be amended or extensive changes can be made in it, and these changes may be subject to a popular referendum, while the national constants do not change nor are subject to a popular referendum, and they are the biggest byword of national consensus, and this is
what the Islah party has been keen on since its inception until today, and has made many concessions for the sake of national consensus, and always calls for making the interest of the nation a priority over all considerations or personal interests.

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