Politicians: Islah pays the price of its stands against Iranian ambitions in Yemen

Politicians: Islah pays the price of its stands against Iranian ambitions in Yemen

Alsahwa Net -The Yemeni Congregation for Reform party, known as Islah, pays the price of its stands against the Iranian ambitions in Yemen and its alignment to the national projects, Yemeni politicians told Alsahwa Net.

Yaseen al-Tamimi, a Yemeni politician, affirmed that Islah's headquarters and centers are attacked, stormed and burnt due to Islah's support to the 2011 revolution, pointing out that the Houthi-Saleh militias backed by Iran retaliate against Islah.

Al-Tamimi said that the burning of the Islah party's quarters in Aden aimed at plunging the port city of Aden into further violence and chaos.

Meanwhile, the political analyst Dr. Abdul-Hakeem al-Yafae affirmed that the burning of Islah's headquarters in Aden is a crime against democracy, stability and security, and an attempt to create an a political environment which lacks to multiparty and poetical work.

He further made clear that some forces try to push Islah in a spiral of violence, pointing that Islah and its members have a national project which aims at creating a stable and secure nation which enjoys values of democracy, equality, freedom, dignity and welfare.

Gunmen on Friday night stormed the headquarters of the Islah party in Aden, burnt it and managed to escape.

A spokesman of the Islah party in Aden Khalid Hadian affirmed that the gunmen came in three cars, and abducted an officer of the headquarters.

Before the storming, there were incitements against Islah in social media by activists affiliated with the Southern Movement, calling to burn headquarters and centers of the Islah party in Aden.


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