UN envoy holds consultation session with leaders of political parties in Marib

UN envoy holds consultation session with leaders of political parties in Marib

The UN envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg, held a consultation session with the leaders of party branches and political organizations in Marib Governorate, on the process of stopping the war and making peace in Yemen.

The party leaders renewed to the UN envoy the aspiration of the Yemeni people for a just and comprehensive peace, based on the three references unanimously approved locally, regionally and internationally, represented by the Gulf Initiative and its implementation mechanisms, the outcomes of the national dialogue, Security Council Resolution No. 2216 and other relevant resolutions.

It also affirmed that the Yemeni people and political parties stand united behind the political and legitimate leadership and its decisions in supporting the efforts to make the efforts of the UN envoy and the international community a success to stop the war and bring about true peace that establishes the restoration of state institutions that operate in accordance with the constitution and the force of law that achieves freedom, justice and equality for all citizens, and the people are the owners of sovereignty who choose who represents and rules them through the ballot boxes, not to be ruled by the law of supremacy and the myth of divine selection of a specific dynasty or class.

The leadership of the political parties and forces in the governorate confirmed that the terrorist Houthi militia does not believe in peace and that peace is not on its agenda. This is evident through its intransigence and obstruction of all UN and international efforts for a humanitarian truce and peace, despite the major concessions made by the government in order to make these efforts successful, pointing out that the Houthi militia raises the slogan of peace to mislead the international community to re-mobilize and reorganize its ranks and prolong its survival and enable it to oppress, abuse and plunder the Yemeni people, their gains and money, and to bulldoze identity and booby-trap the minds of generations by changing curricula and educational and intellectual activities and various activities with a culture of hatred, excommunication and death for the sake of its project and the Iranian agenda.


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