Al-Odayni: The power of Islah is based on the masses and the construction of the state is our basic cause

Al-Odayni: The power of Islah is based on the masses and the construction of the state is our basic cause

In conjunction with the passage of 33 years since the establishment of the Islah party, the Deputy Head of the Islah Media Department, Adnan Al-Odayni, spoke about the political positions of the party and the support of the state during its career, and presented a deep reading of the founding stages and transformations that he witnessed within three decades.

In this dialogue conducted by the Alsahwa, we discussed, with the Islah official, the most prominent political positions and partnerships that are arousing the controversy from time to time, starting from the circumstances of the party's founding and declaring Yemeni unity and partnership in power with the General People's Congress, to the opposition, and clarified the party's stance on the controversy regarding the "Unity and Secession" duo.

In a political disclosure and boldness, Professor Adnan Al-Odayni acknowledged, "The Yemeni political forces, including Islah, committed errors during the stages of transformation, which led to wars that could have been avoided, if there were sovereign institutions guarding the political action and guaranteeing its results."

He considered that the ongoing war in the country and before the war 94 could have been avoided, and he said: "Crises are susceptible to a way other than the war that leads to strengthening the center of society and its general wills, which can be if it is going to early elections and returning to the people."

Al-Odayni stressed the importance of evaluating the experience of Islah that extends for more than three decades in its own context and the national context around it, and presenting it to the date that he puts it in the place that is appropriate for it and commensurate with it. He said: The Islah always sided with the people and the constitution in the face of all forms of rebellion and attempts to undermine state authorities. "


The Islahi leader touched on many dialectical points, such as the party's relationship abroad in the context of the classification in which it is placed, and said: “There is a complete Yemeni school, which was the most important tributary affecting the Islahi awareness. Consider the local dimension without closing with the outside. "

On the impact of social reform, Professor Adnan Al-Odayni saw that "the presence of strong reform in the education and students sectors contributed to the help of the Republic to spread and expand even in those areas that the Republicans had difficulty entering into."


He said: "The teachers whom qualified organizationally went to the remote village in the mountains of Bart, for example, or Alhashwa in Saada, carrying the chalk in their hand and the republic in their heart."

In the prolonged dialogue, the Deputy Head of Islah's Media Department reviewed a series of political issues and ready perceptions that others are adopting toward the party, and the political pillars governing Islah in its rhetoric, attitudes, and intellectual foundations that formed it as a political force based on the masses.

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