Condemnation statement on illegal show prosecution of 36 abductees in Sana'a

Condemnation statement on illegal show prosecution of 36 abductees in Sana'a

Issued by the Abductees' Mothers Association

The Abductees' Mothers Association condemns the show trial of 36 abductees who were forcedly kidnapped, put inside the Political Security's prison and were subjected to severe torture with the aim of extracting confessions of false accusations.

The abductees were referred the public prosecution after they were forcedly disappeared and brutally disappeared for one year. The prosecution did not take appropriate procedures responsibly after it knew that the procedures of the case were illegal. The abductees were subjected to appalling violations. They were disappeared for much longer period than the laws stipulate.

In addition, the abductees were illicitly arrested and their families were intimidated. All of these are violations of the state-Constitution, laws-in-force, international conventions and treaties. The prosecution should have revoked these procedures because they are in contrary with all international human rights standards.

Unfortunately, the public prosecution ignored all these needed procedures and sought to legitimize violations and prompted investigations at an unseemly speed. These actions deprived abductees rights of defense. It also deprived the defense lawyers of access to CDs and cassettes on the case. So, it breached all principles of litigation.

The Specialized Penal Court has followed suit and continued the illegal trial which is inconsistent with the Constitution and laws in force. The court allowed to put images and confessions of the abductees on the court's walls. It also allowed to broadcast a documentary film on fabricated charges. All these actions confirm the bias of the court and its beforehand consent to convict the abductees.

Thereby, It contradicts the most important principle of litigation (an accused person is innocent until proved guilty). In addition, other violation were also made.

For its part, the Abductees' Mothers Association condemns the continuation of the trial which is in conflict with principles of justice. It urges all honorable people inside and outside Yemen to do best in order to stop these invalid procedures. It also calls all local and international organizations to shoulder their national and humanitarian responsibilities and work to stop this show trial.


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