Saleh escapes to area of birthplace

Saleh escapes to area of birthplace

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Former President Ali Abdullah Saleh managed to escape to his birthplace district of Sana'a, in the south of the capital Sana'a, a source of the General People's Congress told Alsahwa Okaz newspaper.

The source said that the Houthis threatened to arrest him and bring him to justice along with his aides.

The source spelt out that the Houthis rejected a solution initiative which stipulated to remove all new checkpoints created in al-Sabaeen and Hadda and investigate the incident of killing a leader of GPC and four Houthis.

Okaz said that tribal mediators try to reach an agreement between both sides, indicating that the Houthis insist on surrendering a son of former President and accuse Saleh of having armed groups in Sana'a.


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